Bring the audience onside as brand ambassadors and make the most of sponsorship opportunities

In this blog, we share a few simple steps of how to get the best from sponsorship, win audience buy-in on the day and raise the profile of your brand.

making the most of sponsors

Step one – Read this blog about how to use sponsorship effectively

Step two – Follow the instructions

Step three – Reap the rewards

It may seem simple but, go back to basics and decide what it is you want to achieve (ROO) as the first part of your plan (are you measuring more contacts, increased fam trips, more sales?) and decide how much you are prepared to spend/consider to be a reasonable Return on investment (ROI).

Make sure you’re present at the right event – one that is attracting the audience that you want to engage and at the right level (buyers, marketing execs, PAs).

Decide what you want to achieve – If your key strategy is raising awareness about your brand, hitting a sales target or boosting your ROI, then you can organise your sponsorship for the best fit for this in terms of profile and cost.

For instance, if you want to raise awareness of your brand but operate on a small budget, sponsoring a lanyard will cost considerably less than being a headline sponsor at maybe the After Show Party or Education Programme Partner. However, every single delegate will wear your brand around their neck, and they’ll probably keep the lanyard too – great for raising the profile of your brand at a reasonable cost.

Bring the party to you – if a headline sponsorship is a bit too rich for your pocket, but you still want to create the right impact, position your brand as a market leader and create a positive and memorable experience for your potential buyers, then sponsor the bar!

If we build it, they will come – cement relationships with pre-qualified buyers by hosting drinks in a sponsored area where you create the ambience, the experience and lots of branding. It’s a great space to share your brand values in a relaxed atmosphere, where key buyers kick back and enjoy the hospitality.

Bags of fun (and opportunity) – events should be fun, they’re a full-on, immersive experience. Enjoy the ambience, the audience, the content, the exhibitors, the networking, the food, the drink, the freebies – ooh, before you know it, you’ve run out of arms. What better way to make an impact, then to have the buyers, delegates and vendors boost your brand with a freebie bag. Everyone loves a freebie, right? At CHS Leeds, we provide all our VIPs and Hosted Buyers with a dedicated goodie bag, why not put something branded in it? A leaflet or freebie – both work very well!

The power of social – don’t forget to harness the power of social. Have branded insta-frames available and a reason for people to take photos at your stand and share them on social. Encourage tweeting and hashtag like your life depends on it. Draw on presenter content and share your own posts, views, retweet and share other peoples’ posts. Get a movement going, create GIFs and videos from the day and share, share, share.

Psst! Know how to really maximise the bang for your sponsorship buck?
1) Associate your brand with a reputable event that has an established and guaranteed, quality following

2) Hop along to CHS Leeds and register your interest to sponsor the Show as it returns to its roots at the Royal Armouries!

3) Make a serious brand splash by using some of our nifty sponsorship strategies available!

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