UTAC Millbrook

Stand number 89, New Dock

I'm Kevin Leaver and I've been Head of Events at UTAC Millbrook for the last 10 years

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Our unique corporate event venues offer unlimited possibilities to deliver safe, unforgettable events of a variety of sizes. Situated across multiple large, private proving grounds in the UK, France and Finland, the venues offer sufficient space to run COVID-secure events, respectful of customer privacy. With access to private test tracks, a number of different types of driving events are possible. These include corporate driving days, product launches and training, with classroom sessions followed by driving experiences.

Our five corporate event venues in the UK, situated near Milton Keynes, each have their own character. Concept 1 and 2 are large venues for corporate events such as conferences and exhibitions. Pod and Cubo offer a more intimate space, hidden amongst the tracks, making them ideal for driving events such as corporate driving day

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