How the menopause impacts every event

14:00 - 14:30, Stress Matters View Programme
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Nick has been involved in menopause for many years and when running menopause clinics in London hospitals listened to literally 1000’s of women tell their stories, explain how they feel and what impact hormone changes have on their lives. He was part of the research team at Kings College that developed many of the products used today and continues to be involved in menopause research, currently looking at new hormone-based treatments for incontinence. His people focus now is on education, including promoting workplace awareness and coaching women on how to get the best out of their menopause and the health care system. He created the Menopause Magic programme to provide high-quality information on all aspects of menopause and the lifestyle and mental health issues that arise in midlife. His view is that the menopause years are not so much a time of change but more an amazing opportunity for renewal and self-care.

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