Breaking Down Stigmas: Women in the Workplace

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Íse Murphy-Morris is a passionate and dedicated professional with over 15 years of experience in crowd safety and event transport for major sporting events, public events, and festivals. With a deep understanding of crowd dynamics, she is committed to improving crowd safety practices by combining research with industry practice to provide the safest and optimal crowd experience at events.

As an Associate Lecturer in Crowd Behaviour and Managing Event Safety at the University of Plymouth, Íse shares her knowledge and expertise with the next generation of event professionals. She is also an active member of the UK Crowd Management Association (UKCMA) and the Global Crowd Management Alliance (GCMA), contributing to the advancement of crowd safety practices worldwide.

Íse’s work is dedicated to improving crowd safety for all, and her work focuses on last mile/zone ex of events where risk often increases to crowd dynamics. This includes transport, traffic management, crowd safety, signage & wayfinding, brand activations, and stakeholder management.

In 2023, Íse co-launched Meliorem Eventus, a community aimed at bringing balance to the industry through conversation to improve the events industry.

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