How the menopause impacts every event

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Laura specialises in Menopause Coaching, working with midlife women to help them unlock their potential and navigate the challenges the menopause transition brings.

She is a qualified NLP Certified Coach and Time Line Therapy and Hypnotherapy Practitioner. She will soon also be qualified in CBT ( Cognitive Behavioural Therapy ). Laura has a variety of tools at her disposal, in addition to her own lived experience of peri-menopause challenges, which serve her well to support and inspire the individuals she works with.

Laura also works with a variety of organisations, supporting them to become more Menopause friendly workplaces, increasing awareness and supporting businesses to create policies and implement practical solutions that support individuals and improve inclusivity.

Helping women in the workforce is a passion from her days working within the construction industries and seeing first-hand how women were leaving their careers unnecessarily.

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