Conference Leeds

Conference Leeds

We’re delighted to have Conference Leeds, the official convention bureau for the City as our strategic brand partner at CHS Leeds.

Over the last 10 years, the city has established itself as one of the UK’s leading conference destinations.  Leeds has undergone a massive transformation and is rich with industrial heritage as the second-largest financial centre in the UK and is also renowned for being home to leading medical and healthcare, professional services, and digital and manufacturing sectors.

You don’t just visit our city. You experience it.

To connect with our city is to experience the exceptional. And those experiences create world-class conferences, where your delegates will have the opportunity to dive into local life, get caught up in heritage, sport and culture, and create valuable connections and partnerships.

We are the 5th most popular UK conference destination in the UK (BMEIS 2019), and we welcome millions of visitors every year. Conference organisers and delegates alike take away something special. A unique experience. Or an eye-opening discovery. It might be a conferencing venue rich with heritage and history, a world-class sporting event, or a taste of the local food scene.

Book your ticket and meet Conference Leeds on Tuesday 25 April!

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