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Call it what you like The Great Fragmentation, The Great Resignation, The Silver Tsunami, or just a massive change in the way we work, do business, travel, and commute. A typical office job is no longer typical, and some of the biggest companies on the planet have dispersed themselves remotely around the world. 

This is having a fundamental effect on our events. Meetings are no longer the place to escape the workplace, they are becoming the place to recreate it. 

Enter a new dawn of we work style break out rooms, creches and wellness centres, watercooler recreation, super-networking, all sprinkled with hybrid extensions and a metaverse of possibilities.

Being an event prof just got a whole lot more complicated; as if that was possible… at CHS Leeds we’ve once again got the back of the events community as we look to:

  • The future of your Office
  • The future of your Work
  • The future of your Event

How are these all interlinked, and how can you negotiate this new world, stay sane, but also flourish within it.

Its Growth Part Two, but we’re looking at balancing who you are at work, with what you do and how you do it. 

This is your future, and we’re bringing it to life in Leeds.

Check out the full programme here.

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